What is Butter Cake? 

There is a lot of speculation on when and where butter cake was invented. Our favorite story is that it was invented in the 1930s in St. Louis by a German-American Baker who mixed up the ratios of butter and flour.  The end result is the gooey treat that is a favorite in east coast and southern states. 

One Crafty Cat expanded on that history by adding fresh ingredients to create a variety of different flavors people at Farmer's Markets have come to love!

Our Flavors

Are you a purest? Love Lemons? Chocolate Lover? We have a flavor you are sure to love! Check back regularly for new seasonal flavors. 

Orange Zing Butter Cake

Orange Zing is what started it all! It has a orange-citrus flavor followed by the gooey-ness of a traditional butter cake

Lemon Shandy

Lemon Shandy is like a lemon bar but instead of a lemon curd finish it has a creamy finish.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is a favorite among cakes so it only made sense to use local Washington carrots to create a unique butter cake that has all the spices and flavors of a delicious classic.

Vanilla Bean Butter Cake

The original! For the people who love traditional in every sense of the word. Our vanilla bean flavor is made from Mexican vanilla bean paste and it is how butter cake is loved back east. Serve it with some vanilla ice cream to create a irresistible dessert

Chocolate Butter Cake

Our chocolate butter cake takes the gooey-ness of our our butter cake and mixes it with bitter sweet-chocolate and a chocolate base. A great treat for chocolate lovers!

Apple Pie Butter Cake 

Living in Washington, we had to have an apple flavor! This butter cake has all the flavor of a fresh apple pie and the gooey-ness of our butter cake.  Starring apples from Yakima Fresh!!

Gluten Free Option Available! 

We are able to make any flavor of our butter cake gluten free.  We use a coconut and almond flour mix and it's pretty darn close to our original butter cake. Special care is practiced to keep utensils, pans, and product separate to prevent cross-contamination.  Pictured is our Lemon Shandy Gluten Free Cake! 

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